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The Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the world

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The Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the world

Most Mechanical Engineering students pursue Masters abroad and complete the Ms in B schools.  Mechanical technologies are limitless and constantly changing. From the invention of the wheel, everything started spinning fast,  had cars, trains, planes and flew to the moon. The Engineers design and manufacture everything, from tiny phone chips, life-saving medical devices to jet engines of your next flight. In the modern world day by day increases technologies so, the right choice to choose Mechanical Engineering for your future so completes the Ms in top universities. we listed for you the best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the world.

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the first B schools in the world. This school has been around for delivering breakthroughs such as the concept of the expanding universe, the development of radar, or the invention of magnetic core memory.

The department of mechanical engineering is simply the best. And their work on the most challenging and innovative projects, from researching graphene, the world’s lightest and strongest material, turning natural fabrics waterproof and absolutely revolutionizing everyday products with artificial intelligence.

MIT  focuses on what’s new and what’s the future. We actually talk about them a lot as they bring news to the 3D printing world all the time. So far they developed 3D printed colloidal crystals which could print conductive structures, furniture manufactured in minutes, as well as using glass as a production material, and many more projects. We’re sure we’ll hear more about MIT’s 3D printed projects.

Stanford University (USA)

Stanford is one of the best university in the USA. The department offers an exceptional Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering for students wishing to study further, two post-master’s degrees are available in Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy. The Mechanical Engineering program provides students with an integration of intellectual and practical experiences, allowing them to work in biomechanical engineering, pollution control, transportation, or other multidisciplinary fields.

Students may undertake research projects throughout their studies at Stanford, namely through classes such as Engineering Problems and Experimental Investigation of Engineering Problems. some of the courses are

  • Micro/Nano Systems Design and Fabrication
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Introduction to Mechatronics
  • Smart Product Design Fundamentals
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Computer-Aided Product Creation
  • Modeling and Identification of Mechanical Systems for Control

University of Cambridge (UK)

Cambridge university  Ranked at the 3rd place on the podium of our list of the best mechanical engineering schools is an 800 years-old British University of Cambridge. Take on educating young minds is to lead them in many directions from mathematics, physics, computer science to engineers. All those aspects of learning are combined for the best results.

The mechanical programs focus not only on the most important disciplines such as material science, robotics, mechanics. They also cultivate teamwork, problem-solving strategies, and creativity. Cambridge is interested in Additive Manufacturing. At their 3D printing lab, they work with different processes and materials, including innovative Inkjet Technology.

Harvard University (USA)

Harvard University the best, we find it in the 4th place of the best mechanical engineering schools. Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences starts in the mid 19th century.

Their main research interests are applied mathematics, applied physics, bioengineering, computer science, electrical engineering, environmental science & engineering, materials & mechanical engineering, science, technology & public policy.  Harvard University is proceeding with an interdisciplinary take of modern research and they don’t have traditional academic departments. Their researchers work in many areas and collaborate with colleagues throughout the university.

 The University of California, Berkeley (USA)

American best mechanical engineering schools is also The University of California (UCB), located in Berkeley. In UCB you can choose to major with either the Department of Nuclear Engineering or the Department of Materials Science and Engineering to get an undergraduate diploma.

For Graduates, UCB university offers a few options for graduate degrees, MEng, MS/ Ph.D., Ph.D. or the Deng at the same time of application. It is also possible to do a Ph.D. program even if you don’t have a Master’s degree. then, Of course, to keep up with constantly evolving technologies, this university also has a 3D printing Lab to allow their students working with the latest innovations.

The University of Michigan (USA)

The University Department dedicated just to Mechanical Engineering with 150 years of experience. They offer plenty of innovative engineering technologies to specialize in, such as hybrid vehicles, nano-manufacturing, biomechanics, engineering acoustics, mechanics of polymers, advanced energy solutions and many others.

One of the top mechanical engineering schools, the University of Michigan has owned a 3D printing Lab. They offer guided 3D printing service to help those, who are new to the Additive Manufacturing world, and also production.

The University of Oxford (UK)

The University of Oxford is not only specific for mechanical engineering schools, but also one of the oldest university. This is starting from date 11th century making it the oldest university in the English speaking world. It’s a very globalized school with 40% of international students and they can proudly introduce their alumni, among them 120 Olympic medalists, 26 Nobel Prize winners, and over 30 modern world leaders.

Oxford Engineering Science department offers 6 branches of engineering Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Information, and Mechanical. After the 4th year, the undergraduate students choose specialist courses for a research project Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Information, Production, and Mechanical.  The University of Oxford students have great opportunities for sponsorships.

The University of Tokyo (Japan)

The University was established in 1877. The University can pride itself on impressive careers of their graduates, 15 out of 62 Japan’s prime ministers were educated there and 5 alumni became astronauts.

Based on this  Department offers four fundamental disciplines of mechanics mechanical dynamics, material mechanics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. It was introduced in a wide range of courses including the environment, energy, biomedical design and production, and system engineering.

Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Politecnico di Milano University is compared to other Mechanical Engineering schools for firsts its move traditional take on education.  The university encourages students new technology side latest innovations offering masters and bachelor degrees in like, Production Systems, Mechatronics, and Robotics, Visual Prototyping, Internal Combustion Engines and Turbomachinery, Advanced Mechanical Design and others.





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